I read all emails by myself.

Unless I am travelling in the middle of nowhere, I usually respond to the interesting ones on the same day.
you have suggestions, remarks or criticism on one of my works

you have an outstanding project you would like me to take part in (but see section below first)

you would like to use one of my works for commercial purposes (I sue people for doing that without permission)

you are in town and would like to challenge me on absinthe

You should contact me if:
"Hi, I have a cool idea and need someone to do the coding part. I can offer you 20% | 30% | ∞ stake in the future business."
If I said yes to every proposal I get, I would have never finished this website for example. Time of developers is very expensive and time of experienced professionals like me is unaffordably expensive to waste it.

"I still think my idea is great and would like you to hear about it."
Ok, imagine if we are in elevator and you have just 30 seconds before we leave it to explain your idea and get me interested. If you think you can manage that - send me an email and I will read it next time I am in elevator (tomorrow).

"Hi, I am stuck with an issue and thought I'd contact you because you look experienced enough to know the answer. What do you think may be wrong with my code?"

"Dear Ilya, we have seen your works and would be interested to hire you. Could you please send us your CV and some references?"
I believe this website has all necessary information in place. If you don't find it sufficient, then your company is not the right place for me.

"I really like things you do and would like to become like you, where should I start?"
I have no clue but you can start with this website.
Emails I do not respond to:
Other questions
Are you present on social networks?
What languages do you speak?
Rude Russian, Russian, English, German and a little bit of Italian.
Where do you live?
I am the world's citizen.
I have not received a reply on my last week's email...
You won't.
We would like to use one of your works in one of our non-commercial projects. Can we?
I usually let people do that for free but permission is still required. Just email me and explain where it will be used.
What is your private life situation?
It will remain private.
What is your gender?
Mine is most fully described by #404 in the Universal Framework of Reference for Gender Identity.
Which pronouns should we use to correctly address you?
He (third person sing. sub.), his (third person sing. obj.), ze (second person sing. sub.), ze (second person sing. obj.), one (third person pl. sub.), one (third person pl. obj.), zes (second person pl. sub.), zest (second person pl. obj.). Exceptions: after them, to them, of Ilya. There is no possessive form, except for when you speak specifically of techno music, then 'This music is theirs'.