Not all tech geeks put on old knitwear.
I have my own fashion line.

Like at work, in my private life I prefer simplicity in design and usually stick to highly contrasting colours like black and white.

Ever since mid 2017, I design a new t-shirt every month. These t-shirts reflect a cultural phenomena of a place that I have recently visited or an event that I would like to keep memory about. Without exceptions, they are purely in ⬛️&⬜️.
August 2017
#0 Technoviking
#1 Berghain
#2 Stephen Paul Taylor
#3 Lenore
#4 U freeky
September 2017
November 2017
December 2017
January 2018
#5 Bühler-Schmüler
#6 NZ voting golem
#7 Keine EC-Karten
#8 Yura we fucked it up
#9 Green Elephant
February 2018
March 2018
April 2018
May 2018
June 2018
#10 Please stop
#11 Oasis
#12 Rage
July 2018
August 2018
October 2017
Berghain bouncer Sven Marquardt t-shirt
Stephen Paul Taylor Everybody Knows Shit Is Fucked t-shirt
Technoviking Berlin t-shirt
Lenore cute little dead girl t-shirt
I fink u freeky t-shirt die antwoord
Buhler Uzwil t-shirt
NZ voting guy t-shirt
In Germany we do not accept credit cards t-shirt
Yuri Gagarin t-shirt
Green elephant Russian movie t-shirt
Mickey Mouse t-shirt
Oasis supersonic t-shirt
Rage against the dying of the light t-shirt
Faithless Maxi Jazz t-shirt
#13 I gets no sleep
September 2018
Life is lethal t-shirt
#14 Life is lethal
October 2018
Marilyn Manson Saint t-shirt
#15 sAINT
November 2018
IC3PEAK t-shirt
December 2018
Sid Vicious t-shirt
#17 Sid
January 2019
Detsl t-shirt
#18 Detsl
February 2019
Heroin chic tshirt
#19 Heroin Chic
March 2019
Prodigy Keith Flint tshirt
#20 Keith Flint
April 2019
#21 Not amused
May 2019
Rammstein laichzeit tshirt
#22 Laichzeit
June 2019
Rammstein Eifersucht Christian Flake Lorenz tshirt
#23 Eifersucht
July 2019
Rammstein Spieluhr Christoph Schneider tshirt
#24 Spieluhr
August 2019
Rammstein Los Paul Landers tshirt
#25 Los
September 2019
Rammstein Zerstoren Richard Kruspe tshirt
#26 Zerstören
October 2019
Rammstein Till Lindemann tshirt
#27 B********
November 2019
Rammstein Deutschland tshirt
#28 Deutschland
December 2019
Disclaimer: these t's are designed by me and are not for sale.
If you still believe that your copyright has been somehow infringed, you may fuck off.