My little helpers
Every once in a while I get a question like 'what is this' and 'what is that'. So here you go.
The collection of tools I use on a daily basis that save me time and money.
iPhone black and white screen
Outline app icon
No tie shoelaces
Merkur futur razor
Apple Thunderbolt Display
If you appreciate your time, this is the first and the simplest thing you can do apart from disabling notifications. Do not thank.
As a desperate note-taker, I have tried every single app from top 30 and this is the best cross-platform solution I know if you are into privacy and Google is a no-go.
Just try it, it's amazing to forget about tying your everyday shoes.
+80XP to brutality and additional 200$ saved on disposable ones every year.
27'' is amazing for anything I do - from coding to processing photos and analysing stock prices.
B&W screen mode for mobile
Outline app
No-tie shoelaces
Merkur Futur safety razor
Thunderbolt Display
Apple AirPods
Offline maps app icon
Apple Time Capsule
Crystal solid deodorant
Songkick app icon
It took me 2 years to switch to them because I was concerned about charging one more thing on a daily basis. It turned out to be one of the best recent purchases.
If you travel as much as I do, you will appreciate a simple offline maps app that just works.
Losing my data once was a good enough lesson to start using it. It does not have to be Apple. Just start backing up your stuff.
Amazing invention. Simple, lasts forever, solves the problem and saves place in your cabin bag liquid allowance.
It's incredible how an app with such outdated interface made it into 2018 but it's still the best one if you don't want to miss your favourite band.
Time Capsule
Crystal deodorant
Songkick app